The Future of Photo Books

To all of you who are into printed photo books, you might like to check out this study we did on the future of photo albums. It is based on quite a bit of research we did here at MyAlbum lately and has quite some interesting take aways.


Current photo market

Target audience: Age group 50 and upwards

  • Long production times
  • Long editing times (poor UX)
  • Bloated with features (poor UX)
  • Installation of software required
  • Limited to print
  • Paid only

Future photo market

Target audience: Millennials

  • Freemium
  • Fast: Kickstarting
  • Practical: Print and digital
  • Complete: Rich content
  • Customized: Enrichment
  • Beautiful

MyAlbum’s take at this

MyAlbum has a fully functional free version in place, offering a subscription model for premium features. MyAlbum offers rich media content on all devices, online and offline.

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Our fail-safe just-add-water insta-start album kickstarter is based on algorithms, making decent albums in only seconds. Currently we are still working on automatically adding meta-data and tidying up which will save even more time.

MyAlbum’s user-interface speaks for itself. It’s highly user friendly and web-based, so there’s no need for proprietary software to be installed and updated. Editing is done in real time.


Commenting, liking, sharing and following? It’s all there. Multi-user collaboration? Done. MyAlbum is already 85% millennial proof and we’re developing new features as we speak. Our users are very happy and eager to see what comes next. For them, photo albums start digital and get printed on-demand. Users are mainly impressed with how easy to use the platform is and the seamless integration of content like videos and panorama’s.

Cimpress, Shutterfly, Blurb, any photo printer… WAKE UP! You’re about to be disrupted, the question is not when or by whom… the question is do you want us to do this alone? Or will we do it together.

Jos de Schiffart, Co-Founder

Calling on the print industry

We are making an open invitation to the entire print industry to help us scale up. MyAlbum is in a stage where it has found product market fit, but just needs the right people and means to propel our business forward ~5 years. Can you help us with know-how, smart money and strategic partnerships? Shoot me an email today so i can welcome you on board.

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Download PDF
About MyAlbum

Our Story

Memories are the most valuable things we have. In our digital culture, it's easy for those memories to be lost forever, simply because we don't take the time to create stories out of them. Here MyAlbum comes in; we help you by creating these stories for you. Preserving those memories online or in print, so you can share them for years to come.

The product

The fastest way to your most beautiful album. Share online or order as photo book.

The team

The MyAlbum team is a close knit team of 14 young professionals with a love for photography and design. We are passionate about empowering people with innovative technology which helps them create beautiful visual stories. Seeing all these beautiful creations really excites us and inspires us to keep on improving.