Storytelling startup launches with 3,987,000 users

MyAlbum launches out of beta and rolls out over 3,987,000 users internationally

PITCH -  MyAlbum launches today and adds 3,987,000 users from, and #Storytelling #Startup

AMSTERDAM - Today Netherlands based Tech Startup MyAlbum launches its visual storytelling platform out of beta. Over the next weeks 3,987,000 users of “,, and” will be added for a flying start.

Spring 2014 MyAlbum was born following a management buyout. A year later the team of 14 has launched a new Visual Storytelling platform in beta. The multi platform site and iOS app signed up 74,300 users in three months following some very positive reviews. The coming weeks an additional 3,987,000 users will be added. These users will have their 325 million pictures converted into “Visual Stories” on MyAlbum.  

Audience and proposition

The new platform is available in 5 languages and mainly focusses at the European and North American market. MyAlbum lets users create visual stories on the fly with their own photos and videos. To make these stories even more compelling they can be enriched with text, maps, the weather, tourist info and 10.000+ other elements. Anyone can do this in under five minutes by the way EXIF data is combined with online data sources and smart algorithms. This proposition gives MyAlbum a unique shot at the multi million market of photo and video sharing.

“Imagine creating a beautifully designed visual story in under 5 minutes. We've brought the fun back in photo and video sharing. Game changing!„ Jos, co-Founder of MyAlbum

Storytelling Market

Storytelling is the next step in evolution for photo/ video sharing sites and social networks. Current sharing services aim at sharing loose images or videos with a large group of friends as opposed to complete stories with a smaller more private audience. Only 3 billion photos are shared each day across all social media (1,5 per smartphone) while people take many times more pictures. People are frustrated with this pile of content sitting on their camera roll. They are waiting for a service that will quickly help them bring order to this loose collection of snapshots.

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Download PDF
About MyAlbum

Our Story

Memories are the most valuable things we have. In our digital culture, it's easy for those memories to be lost forever, simply because we don't take the time to create stories out of them. Here MyAlbum comes in; we help you by creating these stories for you. Preserving those memories online or in print, so you can share them for years to come.

The product

The fastest way to your most beautiful album. Share online or order as photo book.

The team

The MyAlbum team is a close knit team of 14 young professionals with a love for photography and design. We are passionate about empowering people with innovative technology which helps them create beautiful visual stories. Seeing all these beautiful creations really excites us and inspires us to keep on improving.